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    …the Kessil H160 Tuna Flora LED Light! Maximum Spread- 24" x 24" Recommended Spread- 18" x 18" Kessil hit the ball out of the park with their previous refugium lights, and the H160 is no different. Fully controllable through the onboard dials, or the Kessil H-Series Controller. Using Kessil's Dense…

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    …they will route cleanly inside of the Mounting arm itself. Front to back adjustment works for 18" to 24" wide tanks Dimensions: 1" x W 12.32" - 15.43" x H 20.78" Mounting compatible with: KessilA160 Kessil A360 Kessil A360x Kessil A500x Kessil H380 Kessil AP700 Note: AP700 Requires 2 Mounting Arms

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    …position your Kessil LED to your tank with the Kessil's A Series Gooseneck. The flexible Kessil Gooseneck is 24" long and is designed to mount directly to the rim of most aquariums up to 1.25" thick. Compatible with: All Kessil A360 Models All Kessil A350 Models Kessil H160 Kessil H380 Easily hang…

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    Kessil Full Angle Adapter offers a unique solution to this issue by allowing each LED module to be mounted at an angle to the water. This creates better intersection between light sources and allows the corals to receive light from different angles. The adapter is compatible with the Kessil Mounting…

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