Kessil Mounting Arm

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Kessil A360X Refugium Lights

    The Kessil Mounting Arm is a rigid arm that allows your Kessil light to be suspended over your tank by clamping onto the aquariums rim. The mounting arm has an adjustment for height, as well as distance making it a perfect mounting solution for any Kessil light. With its integrated cord channel,…


    Kessil Slide Bar Extensions are exactly what you are looking for. Allows the Kessil Mounting Arms to work with wider tanks by giving more front to back travel on the arms. One Extension Slide Bar is required per Mounting Arm. The Slide Bar Extensions will slide into the Kessil A-series mounting arm,


    …a euro braced tank or a tank with extra thick glass or trim the Kessil Extension mount is designed to mount to the back of the stand below the tank giving a secure mounting point for the mounting arms. If you need the option to mount your AP700 or A360 LED light to the stand below your tank this is…


    …Vertical Mounting Arm 1x Black Vertical Adjustment Arm 1x Black Horizontal Mounting Arm 1x Black Stop Collar Mounting Hardware   Note: Suspension Hanging Kit is not included.    Warning: Hanging Fixture should be mounted to a solid surface that can handle 100 pounds or more. We suggest mounting to…


    …allowing each LED module to be mounted at an angle to the water. This creates better intersection between light sources and allows the corals to receive light from different angles.   The adapter is compatible with the Kessil Mounting Arm, Gooseneck Adapter, and DIY mounting solutions. It is easy to…

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