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    Klir Di-7 Filter Drop-In Fleece Filter System fits in most sumps with a 7" filter sock tray and will eliminate the need to replace filter socks. The 50-micron fleece roll will help eliminatefree-floating particles and automatically advance when the fleece starts to clog, exposing new fleece. The…

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    …50-micron roll of fleece directly from Klir. Rolls can last anywhere from a couple weeks to a month or moreand will vary depending on your aquariums bio-load, feeding habits, and a few other variables. The 50-micron fleece can handle up to 1800 GPH through the 7" Klir filter system. Using 50-micron…

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    Klir 7" Flow-Diverting Cap The Klir Flow Diverting cap works to cap any unused holes of your sock tray and direct the water into the Klir filter. It's adjustable and allows you to easily dial the the flow rate to divert excess flow or filter less aggressively. The Flow Diverting cap will work with a…

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    …Requirements - 7" up to 7.625" opening Power Consumption - 0.6A @ 12VDC What's Included? 1x Klir Di-7 Filter Tower Assembly 2x 25 Yards 50-Micron Fleece Roll 1x Motor Assembly 1x Controller Assembly 1x Optical Eye Sensor 1x Controller Power Supply 1x Activated Carbon Insert 1x 7" Filter Sock Adapter…

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    Easily Adapts Sumps Without Sock Trays Add the Klir Di-7 Fleece Filter to sumps without sock trays or to DIY sump applications using the Klir Filter Bracket. The Flow Diverting cap will work with a variety of sumps with 7 inch filter sock holes Features: Dual Submerged 1.5 inch inputs Compatible…

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    …and return pump connections. Compatible Algae Scrubber: Clear Water Scrubbers CW-50 With scrubber installed, there is a remaining footprint of 7" x 7" for a protein skimmer or additional equipment of your choice.When using a protein skimmer alongside an algae scrubber, we recommend downsizing your…

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