Korallen Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate

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    acid blend designed specifically for Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals. * Increases coral growth * Coral tissue will expand immediately after dosing * Injured corals will regenerate faster * Positive impact on LPS coral growth   A high quality amino acid

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    Amino Acid Concentrate will aid coral vitality and growth. Internal KZ tests have shown growth increase by as much as 100%, even in low light situations where that would otherwise be extremely difficult.   Recommended daily dose is 1 drop per 25 gallons. As with dosing most amino

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    KZ Amino Acid Concentrate Fish works with both juvenile and adult fish to improve immunity and promote coloration by replenishing the amino acids that fish are not able to produce in sufficient amounts. Can be used as a food-enriching soak on frozen, pellet or flake fish foods. * Helps to…

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    …cyanobacteria * Neutralizes water yellowing compounds and unwanted acids * Increases the effectiveness of other KZ products such as B-Balance and Potassium-Iodide/Fluoride Concentrate. * Compatible with Amino Acids and Coral Vitalizer.   Coral Snow liquid will…

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    …have long term benefits that also include improved water clarity, increased robustness and coral health.   Amino Acid Concentrate LPS A revised blend of amino acids formulated specifically to target the needs of LPS and soft corals. Regular use will result in increased color, vitality…

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