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    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide   Sponge Power enhances the growth of filter feeding species like sponges, tridacna clams and sea squirts. The increased growth helps these organisms process a larger volume of tank water and results in increased water quality. SPS corals see increased tip…

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    …to target the needs of LPS and soft corals. Regular use will result in increased color, vitality and growth.   Sponge Power Sponge power is a specially formulated food for sponges, bivalves and tunicates. Routine dosing will enhance the growth of these animals, which will have a net effect of…


    …2 days Recovers the systems biological balance Helpful when corals show tissue necrosis at their base Enhances yellow coloration when used with Sponge Power Improved polyp extension Safe for all tank inhabitants, and will be completely consumed from biological processes and corals   Specifications:…

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