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    …of shrimp or your fishs favorite treat inside of the feeding tube, and then sit back patiently and wait to spring the trap with the draw-string. Available in Three Sizes Small: 5.91L x 3.15W x 3.54H Medium: 7.84L x 5.91W x 5.91H Large: 9.84L x 7.84W x 7.84H What's Included? 1x Fish Trap Assembly

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    …wait for the fish you want to trap to swim into the clear container. Each trap includes a draw-string, trap door, suction cups, feeding tube, and the trap itself, which does require assembly. Small Fish Trap - 6" L x 3" W x 3.5" H Medium Fish Trap - 8" L x 6" W x 6" H Large Fish Trap - 10" L x 8" W…

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    Collect, isolate, and observe The BRS Fish Catch Bundle gives you the tools necessary to quickly catch and collect sick or injured tank inhabitants for further observation. Included is a large fish trap, a large specimen container, and a 5" fish net. Both the fish trap and the specimen container can…

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    …of fishes and/or motile invertebrates, excessive water flow directed at fine-particulate sediment, etc. Clarif-SW clears cloudy water by utilizing the weak electrical charges of water-borne particles as a means of binding them; the resultant relatively-large (and heavy) particles are then: trapped

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