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    …water, Potassium Iodide, Iodine Technical Background Brightwell Aquatics Lugol’s is an extremely powerful iodine solution. It should only be used by advanced reef aquarists to dose iodine as well as to create a dip for corals and their allies.The importance of iodine in a reef aquarium cannot…

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    …required by invertebrates and many soft corals (gorgonians, sarcophytons, etc). Most iodine supplements on the market are simply potassium iodide or a medicinal disinfectant commonly known as Lugols Solution. Lugols is a highly concentrated iodine/iodide solution that is highly toxic and intended…

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    Iodine cleaning bath for corals Tropic Marin Coral Clean is an iodine dip for corals to prevent the unwanted introduction of parasites and/or impurities into your reef aquarium. The Coral Clean solution is phosphate-free and less aggressive than Lugols solution or a freshwater bath. It will reliably…

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    …event. This product is particularly useful for hobbyists who are experimenting with Lugol’s Solution and other strong iodine sources in an attempt to benefit aquarium inhabitants. Do not exceed a total iodine concentration of 0.10 ppm in a marine aquarium at any time. Background Erse-Cl may be…

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