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    Add the Lunar Simulator Module and LED strings to your Apex Unit from Neptune to create a true lunar cycle to your reef aquarium. Module and LED Strings sold separately LED Strings available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 LEDs per string High intensity LEDs with a wide angle lenses (100+ degrees) to provide the…

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    Add the Lunar Simulator Module Apex Unit to create a true lunar cycle to your reef aquarium. Many fish and corals will spawn following the lunar cycle and will help mimic their natural habitat while adding just enough light to the tank to let you see what is going on when the lights go out. Module…


    The versatile VDM Expansion Module can be used as a LED Dimming module to simulate Sunrise/Sunset, Lunar Cycle, Clouds and Lighting with Apex Ready+ fixtures. Or use the module as a Variable Speed Pump control with Apex Ready pumps such as Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105, 6155 and 6255. Complete control…


    …LEDs to control for fine tuning of shimmer and overall coloration of the light. Bonus features include Storm and Cloud simulation as well as full lunar cycles. Features Fixture color is powder coated Black Stylish Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Body Tough High Gloss Twin Layer Powder Coat Finish…

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