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    …accessories make feeding your fishes more effective and enjoyable. MagFeeder comes with a floating feed ring that retains flake foods, pellets, powdered invertebrate feeds, or any food you want to add into your tank but don’t want to see go right over the overflow. The magnetic coupling makes…

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    Make feeding time EZ with this new frozen food feeder by Eshopps. Instead of waiting to thaw your frozen fish food in the kitchen before feeding, you can now simply toss it in the EZ Feeder and let it defrost and dispense in a convenient, secure location of your tank. Unlike similar feeders from…

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    The AquaMaxx MFR-1 Magnetic Feeding Ring is an effective and simple way to reduce food going into your overflow, and more into your fishes` mouths. Drop any of your fishes` favorite flakes, pellet, or freeze-dried food into the feeder and walk away. Let the water do the rest; eventually, the food…

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    …into your filtration system. For further feeding options, the device can be easily converted into a classic feeding ring for use with flake and pellet food. Features Pro Improved Features: Larger Encapsulated Magnet, Enhanced Resin & Safety Magnet Pad Adjustable food release settings Durable…

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