Maxspect Gyre Battery

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    …included in the box Compatibility The IceCap Battery Backup works with a wide variety of DC pumps with the appropriate adapter. Below is a list of pumps that are known to be compatible with the Battery Backup. Maxspect Gyre Pumps (All Models) IceCap Gyre Pumps including the IceCap Dual Pump WiFi…

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    …nanostreams Waveline WavePuck EcoTech VorTech MP10WQD EcoTech VorTech MP40WQD EcoTech VorTech MP60WQD Maxspect Gyre 130 / 230 Maxspect Gyre 150 / 250 Maxspect Gyre 330 / 350 Maxspect Gyre 280 IceCap Gyre 1K, 3K Reef Octopus RODC 2500, 3500, 5500 Reef Octopus VarioS 2, 4 Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2, 4

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    For years we have been restricted to the abilities of simple controllers of highly popular pumps like the Maxspect Gyre, Reef Octopus OctoPulse, EcoTech Vortechs, and Tunze Turbelles, until now. The Hydros WaveEngine V2 is a single module that will control and supply power for up to 4 pumps pumps,…

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    …tank and have them work together simultaneously, opposite each other or completely different. Best of all, it isnt limited to two pumps! Add a Maxspect Gyre into the pattern if you want too. Do you have a controllable return pump or skimmer? Bring them to the party because the HYDROS WaveEngine will…

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