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    Our high quality graduated cylinders have 1 mL graduations that allow for more accurate measuring when dosing. Available in three sizes: 50 mL Graduated Cylinder 100 mL Graduated Cylinder 250 mL Graduated Cylinder

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    Make small liquid measurements easy with this 7 Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set from OXO Good Grips. Set includes 1 tsp, 1 tbsp, 1 oz, 2 oz, 1/2 cup, 2/3 cup and 1 cup Filling and pouring made easy with funnel shape and spout Rubber bottom helps reduce slips Easy to read measurement markings Nests…

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    Measure your dry aquarium supplements like Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride with these measuring cups from OXO Good Grips&reg. Precise measurement - just level off with the included straight edge Remove each cup one at a time - just snaps off of ring Scooped shape great for dipping into…

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    …graduated cylinder has 0.1 mL markings up to 5 mL for sample calibration doses. Keep this handy accessory on hand and calibrate your dosing pump regularly for top performance. Specifications Total Volume: 5 mL Measurement increments: 0.1 mL Whats Included? 1x Reef Dose Graduated Measuring Cylinder

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    This bottle holds up to 64 ounces of fluid with mL markings for fluid measurement on the dispensing side. Bettix Bottles have two chambers – one for storing liquid and the other for dispensing liquid, conveniently requires only a single simple squeeze of the bottle in order to fill the…

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    These angled measuring cups from OXO have so many uses for your saltwater aquarium set up. Great for the salt bucket or anywhere you need a cup (or 8) of a liquid. Stack neatly for storage. Available in 1 cup, 2 cup, 4 cup, 8 cup or 3-Piece Cup Set (1, 2 and 4 cup) Patented angled surface lets you…

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    …you have in your cup. Measurements are available in milliliters and fluid ounces. High quality graduated measuring cups with a special no-drip lip – perfect for correctly measuring doses of your 2 Part solutions, fish foods, medications, and much more! 250mL Measuring Cups work great for…

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    …Ammonia or Nitrite are over .25 ppm, you can add more bacteria, if desired. Day 7: Measure pH, Ammonia and Nitrite and record values. If using MicrBacter Start XLM, and your Ammonia and Nitrite show zero, then measure Nitrate. If Nitrate is showing .25 ppm or higher, then your aquarium is cycled. If…

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    …6. After use, it is recommended to give the dish and components a rinse with freshwater. What's Included? 1x Brine Shrimp Hatchery Dish 1x Brine Shrimp Hatchery Lid 1x Artemia Sieve 1x Inner Separation Ring 1x Measuring Spoon Need Brine Shrimp Eggs? - Bulk Reef Supply Premium Brine Shrimp Eggs

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    Make small liquid measurements easy with this 4 Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set from OXO. Set includes 1 oz, 2 oz, 1 Tsp and 1 Tbsp Filling and pouring made easy with funnel shape and spout Rubber bottom helps reduce slips Easy to read measurement markings Nests for easy storage OXO has been…

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    …dosing containers are available in two sizes1.5 liters and 3.0 litersand have a bottom exit so the liquid inside will be drained/dispensed completely. They also include a graduated metric scale for easy measuring. Specifications: Capacity: 3 L Footprint: 5" x 6" Chamber Diameter: 4" Height: 19.75"

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    The HI731339P is a volumetric pipette designed to measure and transfer exactly 100 µL of solution to a cuvette. To obtain the highest accuracy and precision from the Hanna Instruments HI758 Calcium Checker it is necessary to add exactly 100 µL of aquarium saltwater to the cuvette. Any…

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    …more soluble as water temperature and salinity decreases; therefore, curing is faster and easier at lower temperatures and salinities. We suggest while curing to try to keep water at about 72 73 f and 1.020 1.021 specific gravity. What's Included? 1x 2 ounce Live Rock Enhance 1x Measuring Scoop

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    Pharmaceutically pure sea salt with probiotic bacteria and prebiotic bacteria food The newTropic MarinSyn-Biotic Sea Saltcontains probiotic bacteria for fish and inverts and special prebiotic bacteria food to promote probiotic bacterial growth and to create low-nutrient conditions in the aquarium.…

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    …Iron measures both ionic and most chelated iron in freshwater or marine water to less than 0.05 mg/L. Under normal conditions, iron is virtually impossible to maintain at measurable concentrations in seawater. Natural seawater concentration for iron is about 0.01 mg/L. Features Measures iron to…

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    …pulls away from scale when a large item shadows the display. Available in white or black 5 lb capacity - weight indicator shows capacity left Measures in 1/8-oz (US) and 1-g (metric) increments for greater accuracy Zero function allows for zeroing scale before adding additional ingredients Easy…

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    …with up to 1/4" wall thickness Estimated flow rate of 1.5 GPM at 40 PSI Tested to 100 PSI Approximate diameter is 1.4" Flange to float tip measurement is 5.7" - Inlet adds approximately 1" to overall length Comes complete with jam nut, sealing washer, JACO compression nut and polyethylene float…

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    …Either pour the mixture directly into the tank or target feed each coral with a syringe. Each jar of BRS Reef Chili includes directions and a measuring spoon. Reef Chili was originally created as a frozen fish/coral food and it worked out great, except for one thing, cost! Shipping frozen products…

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    …clamps are perfect to secure Braided Vinyl tubing to barbed fittings. If you are using silicone or traditional thin wall tubing we highly suggest measuring the outside diameter of the tubing you will be working with to select the correct ratchet clamp. Choose from ratchet clamps for the following…

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    measuring spoon per 50 US Gal./190 l every two weeks is recommended. In an aquarium with a high population, the dosage can be as much as 1 level measuring spoon per 50 US Gal./190 l each week. When using the enclosed dosage spoon, level theBio-Strontium with the spatula for a precise measurement.

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    Use these gaskets to replace the existing gasket in your ABS bulkhead. Available for bulkhead sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2" (Sizes are nominal sizes that refer to the bulkhead size, not the measurement of the gasket).

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    …your RO/DI water and then mail it directly to them for ICP testing. Corals require elements to be at certain concentrations in your water and measuring the levels of 40+ elements would cost hundreds of dollars if you purchased individual test kits, and still would not be as accurate as an ICP test.…

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    …attained, then dose daily or weekly as needed (see below). Maintain [Ca2+] within a range of +/-10 ppm. Once desired [Ca2+] has been acquired, measure aquarium's [Ca2+] at the same time each day over a one- to two-week period to determine the daily rate of calcium uptake (i.e. the decrease in…

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    …Input/Output: 100V - 240V AC / DC24V 1.9A *Requires 2.4GHz WiFi. 5GHz not supported. Whats Included 1x X2SR Unit 1x Power Adapter 50mL Plastic Measuring Cylinder 6 meters of 9.5*12.5mm green PVC tubing 3x Transparent tube manifolds 4x Float level sensors and brackets 8x Magnets 1x 24V DC submersible…

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    …Flow rate: 750 gph Footprint: 5 7/8" x 4 3/8" Height: 17 1/2" Total Clearance Required: 10 1/4"L x 7 1/4"W Optimum operation water depth: 4 to 5" (measured from the bottom of the unit) Power Supply: 100-240v Motor: 12v DC Roll Specifications Roll Width: 3.5" Roll Length: 82 ft Roll Micron Rating: 50…

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    …as fast as possible. More Info HI774 Ultra Low Range Phosphate PPM Checker The HI774 Ultra Low Range Phosphate Checker is a cost-effective way to measure phosphate in marine systems, including reef tanks. Excessive phosphate levels can prevent calcification, skeletal formation, and growth of many…

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    MarcoRocks Reef Saver Nano Shelf Dry Live Rock is the ideal aquascaping rock for adding big visual impact to small reef aquariums. With tons of naturally varying rock shapes and sizes, you can create the artistic aquascape you're dreaming of, even in a small space. Reef Saver Nano Shelf Rock has a…

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    …biomass such as dead prawns. There are distinct advantages to using an inorganic nitrogen source. It has an extensive shelf life. It is easy to measure and dose. It is immediately available for uptake by the bacteria. Because it is inorganic (i.e. lacks carbon), it does not encourage early growth…

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    …concentrated solutions on the market, the BRS additives are formulatedto be dosed in a 1:1 ratio (calcium:alkalinity), keeping dosing simple and measuring minimal. Mixing Instructions: When you are ready, use theBRS Reef Calculatorto know exactly how much to dose! BRS Calcium Liquid Solution…

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    …concentrated areas where precipitation may occur. When you have added almost all of the salt and the mixture is fully dissolved and clear, start measuring the specific gravity with a refractometer or similar instrument. Keep adding small amounts of salt until the specific gravity is the value you…

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    …Elements Trace Elements More than just ICP ICP testing does not test for everything. As such, the ATI test also includes a titration test for measuring carbonate hardness, ion chromatography tests for both fluoride and nitrate as well as a high-precision conductivity meter to double-check salinity.…

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    …him wherever you want. Stick him on your tank, stick him on your computer; Mr. Chili is extremely hardy and can live on just about any smooth surface! Add a splash of color to your world and let everyone know how much you love Mr. Chili! Measures 2.5"W x 5"H What's Included? 1x SPS Mr. Chili Sticker

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