Mq 510

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    Increased Accuracy for Underwater LED Lighting Measurements! Apogee's MQ-510 PAR meter is perfect for underwater testing of LED light intensity and immersion effect correction factor has already been applied through the monitor's firmware giving you the corrected underwater value. *…

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    Rent an Apogee MQ-510 PAR meter for 7 days! Perfect for LED Lighting Knowing the total intensity of your aquarium lights can dramatically help with coral growth and health, but the meters are very expensive and only require a couple uses right when you get your lights set up and…

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    Get real-time PAR measurements and datalogging right on your smartphone!   Apogee's PQ-510 PAR meter kit pairs the SQ-500-SS2 Full-spectrum Quantum sensor with their new microCache Bluetooth micro-logger to deliver PAR data right to your mobile device using the free ApogeeConnect…

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