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    Who wouldn't want Mr. Chili looking over their tank 24/7? He will make sure that everything is ok at all times, just make sure your fish or crabs don't try and eat him as he is very tasty.    Mr. Chili isnt all that big.  Only measuring 1.875" tall he is pretty large for a single polyp.  He likes to…


    …has been said that wearing a Mr. Chili Meshback Hat will increase your reefing knowledge while bringing good fortune to your reef tank.   Disclaimer - This hat may make you irresistible to other reefers; please use responsibly   What's Included? 1x Mr. Chili Flex Fit Hat - One Size Fits All


    Cap fits Mr. Chili’s Mixing Jug – 1 Gallon.


    Catch the BIG fish with a Mr. Chili Fishing Lure The white spoon lure has Mr. Chili printed on it making it a temping lure for any fish. All you will need to do is rig the lure to your favorite rod and give it a cast, Mr. Chili will do the rest. The lure has an Eagle Claw treble hook that will catch…

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    …man for doing water changes or gallivanting about your next coral convention! BRS T-shirts just got the Mr. Chili treatment with a sleek, understated new silhouette logo. This might be Mr. Chili's best work yet, and it's already a favorite of the hardcore reefers in the office. In addition to the…

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    Salt Measuring Made Easy! Made of durable BPA-Free plastic with a rubberized rubble handle, Mr. Chili's Salt Measuring Cup is perfect for any dry or liquid measurement. With graduations every 1/4 cup but also 50mL, ensuring you have the correct amount of media or salt is super simple. Holding up to…


    …Saver Jugs are great for storing 2 part solutions in tight spaces.  Each jug can hold just shy of 1 gallon, and takes up only 2 ½ inches in width.  These jugs take up much less space than the standard Mr. Chili mixing jugs.    What's Included? 1x Thin 4-Liter Space Saver Jug 1x Space Saver Jug Cap


    The perfect 1-gallon jug for mixing and storing 2-part or any other liquid solutions. There are many different methods for extracting the liquid out of the jugs from manual pump-top dispensers to drilling a hole in the cap and feeding your tubings through the hole down to the bottom of the jug.   …


    …the same thing goes with these t-shirts. Made with the softest 4.3oz combed cotton, the BRS Vintage T-Shirt is the only shirt you will ever catch Mr. Chili wearing. Lightweight Super Soft Breathable Cotton Pre-Shrunk Midnight Navy Color Super Soft with Modern Fit   Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton…

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    …the winter months? These knitted beanies are perfect for the cold winter months. Mr. Chili is embroidered on the front and the thick cable knitting makes them soft and flexible. Pick one up just for yourself or one for every member of the family!   What's Included? 1x Mr. Chili Cable Knit Beanie


    …Food Cups and even Frosty Beverages! Mr. Chili loves food, and normally he starts off his day with a couple frozen cubes of Mysis and some Krill. He lets them thaw in a cup for a few minutes and it has been leaving rings on his beautiful wood stand. Mr. Chili went to Neptune Systems and asked for…

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