Nano Carbon Reactor

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    Carbon structure is harder and cleaner, reducing the potential of HLLE developing in your fish due to fine carbon dust particles * Contains two high-grade hybrid ion exchange resins targeted at removing dissolved organics   Four Sizes Available: * 22 gram Nano Pack…

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    …catastrophe, and Innovative Marine MiniMax Pro Reactors new design completely removes that risk.   Designed For: * Innovative Marine Nano 16 Aquariums * Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10 Aquariums * Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20 Aquariums * Innovative…

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    Compact and Powerful Side Flow Media Reactor!   Not all media reactors are built the same and Lifegards Turbo Media Reactors are perfect for biopellets, but can also be used for carbon and GFO too. The Turbo name comes from the unique spinning action that is made with the flow. The…

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    …the CO2 in your water and atmosphere will react with the hydroxide ions creating bicarbonate ions and increasing your tank's pH, due to less available carbon dioxide. Ca(OH)2 = Kalkwasser OH- + CO2 = HCO3 = Bicarbonate OH- + HCO3 = CO3-- + H20 = Carbonate + Pure Water

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    Gently tumble your preferred media in the compact CPR Nano Tumbler Media Reactor. * Easy installation * Use with carbon, GFO or biopellets * Adjustable upward fluidization * Place in your aquarium or in your sump * Rio 90 Feed Pump   …

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