Nano Media Reactor

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    Keep Your AIO Tank Water Clean Fill the Auqa Gadget MiniMax Pro Media Reactors with carbon, GFO or any other media that needs to be run through a fluidized reactor. The MiniMax Pro can be put in numerous all-in-one aquarium's filter chambers and is super easy to maintain. No longer do you…

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    …bag under running water for 5 to 10 seconds. Place bags into a high flow area of your reactor, sump, canister filter, or HOB filter. For best results, water should flow gently through the filter bag and media. Chemi-pure Blue should be changed every 2-4 months depending on bio-load. If more than…

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    …- 4.95" L x 3.15" W x 13.7" H * Capacity - 250mL (biopellets) * Pump Size - 103 GPH Quiet One 400 * Wattage - 3.5W @ 120VAC   What's Included? * 1x Nano Side Flow Turbo Media Reactor * 1x Quiet One Pro 400 Pump    Owners Manual

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