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    Neptune Systems. Feeds both corals and fish thanks to a micro-film of coral food that is dispersed into your tank upon contact with water. Then the pellets fall to the bottom for fish to consume. Neptune Systems worked with Reed Mariculture a well-known manufacturer of Reef Nutrition foods. The food


    …your fish particulate foods, dose liquid additives, and know if a flood ever happens with the Apex Controller upgrade kit!    Kit Includes: 1x DoS Fluid Metering Module 1x Automatic Feeding System (AFS) 1x Leak Detection Kit (LDK)   DoS Fluid Metering Module The Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System…


    …Controllers   Specifications Dimensions: 6.25" (accounting for AquaBus plug) x 3" x 3.75" Holds up to 100mL of most pellet and flake foods   What's in the Box AFS System Adjustable clips that extend to almost 2" Hook and loop tape 15 Ft AquaBus Cable Sample of Neptune Crossover Diet Pellet Fish Food


    …for Frozen Food Cups and even Frosty Beverages! Mr. Chili loves food, and normally he starts off his day with a couple frozen cubes of Mysis and some Krill. He lets them thaw in a cup for a few minutes and it has been leaving rings on his beautiful wood stand. Mr. Chili went to Neptune Systems and…

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    …flexible expansion via AquaBus Comes with 3′ AquaBus cable Fully upgradeable - WXM firmware and pump firmware can be updated for feature enhancement LED Status indicator and wireless status indicator Use your mobile device to view the wave action   Neptune WXM Owners Manual Neptune WXM Radion Setup


    If you have the Neptune Systems Dissolved Oxygen Probe, then this is the direct replacement kit for that probe. The replacement kit will include 5 membranes and cleaning solution. The DO probe is not a cheap item and by simply replacing the membrane within the probe it will act just like new again.…


    DOS – Dosing and Fluid Metering System The Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System is one of the smartest dosing pumps on the market. It will hook directly to your existing Neptune Apex, ApexEL or Apex Jr. giving you the ability to program both pumps independently for what ever kind of dosing your tank…


    Lab Grade Dissolved Oxygen Probe for Neptune PM3 Module. The price of the probe isn't all that cheap compared to the traditional probes we use in this hobby, but this probe can easily last you a lifetime because the actual sensing membrane is replaceable. About every 3 months you will need to…


    …to be activated when levels hit below optimal as well as send you an email or text message Add the Dissolved Oxygen Module: PM3 to your Apex Neptune System to allow continuous real time monitoring of your reef tanks dissolved oxygen levels. Real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen in reef aquarium…

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