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    Neptune Double Junction probes will out last most other traditional lab grade probes letting you go longer between calibrations, and having to purchase and replace probes less frequently. The Double Junction isolates the reference gel and probe from proteins and other organics that may otherwise…


    …and use higher quality materials allowing a longer life, and holding calibration longer than standard grade probes. Replace a worn out ORP probe Purchase a ORP probe to add to your Apex System Purchase a ORP probe to use with your PM1 Extension Module   Note: Calibration solutions sold separately


    Add the pH/ORP Probe Expansion Module to your Apex Neptune System. Module has extra Temp Probe port I/O Switch Inputs for ATO, feed buttons, leak alarms, etc. Monitor multiple tanks Galvanic Isolation for accurate and reliable probe readings


    …controllers and their easy to use cloud interface makes it a perfect option for a fully automated reef tank. Great Advanced Level Controller from Neptune Systems Includes Classic Apex Base Unit Controller, Apex Display Module, Long-life Temperature Probe, Energy Bar 8 and Lab Grade pH Probe Basic…

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    Neptune Systems designed the MPR - Magnetic Probe Rack specifically for the Apex. It will hold the larger diameter temperature probe, pH probe, ORP probe, and salinity probe. Made from acrylic and with strong neodymium magnets Works securely on sumps and aquariums up to 1/2" thick

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