Nitrate Levels

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    …BioDigest Start will populate your new tank with live strains of bacteria that will consume waste reducing any ammonia levels. By reducing ammonia levels in the long run nitrate levels will remain lower while preventing the spread of filamentous algae. Stop Ammo Start is designed to stop ammonia…

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    Easily test the nitrate level in your tank. Trusted by discerning reefers for years, Salifert Test Kits feature some of the easiest to read results available to each testing method. The Salifert Nitrate Test Kit contains 60 tests.


    Maintaining low nitrate levels will help prevent algae outbreaks, promote coral and fish health as well as bring out the best coral colors. Red Sea Nitrate Pro (NO3) Test Kit accurately measures nitrate levels. Nitrate Kit includes: 100 tests Easy-to-use, colorimetric comparator Affordable reagent…


    …the bacteria consumes the pellets for the carbon so they can multiply. At the same time they consume the nitrates and some phosphates from your water column which will lead to lower nitrate levels in your water. In some systems people reported that the BioPellets don’t work in their aquarium. This…

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    Growing macro algae in your refugium or sump can help reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in your saltwater tank while providing a safe harbor for micro-fauna to thrive. The Halo II H380 has been specifically designed to emit a spectrum that will allow algae and other plants to grow to their fullest…


    …kits. Amazing Value. High quality and reliability. Monitor nutrient levels to prevent algae and promote healthy corals. This kit combines two essential tests in one – Nitrate and Phosphate. Easy to use colorimetric comparator wheel. 100 Nitrate tests 100 Phosphate tests Affordable reagent refills


    Concentrated nutritious food for corals and filter feeders that does not contain any phosphates or nitrates. AF Energy is used in many probiotic systems as an effective method to increase levels of omega fatty acids. Two sizes available: 10 mL 50 mL

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