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    Alkalinity reagent refills for the easy to use, handheld Hanna Checker HI764 Nitrate Ultra Low Range. Individual reagent packets for 25 tests. Reagent refill for Hanna Checker Nitrite ULR HI764. Enough reagent for 25 tests.


    …before carrying out the nitrate measurement. High nitrite levels are usually found in tanks that are in their maturation phase or in tanks with nitrate filters.   What's Included? 1x Instruction Card 1x NO2/NO3 Pro Reagent A 1x NO2/NO3 Pro Reagent B 1x NO2/NO3 Pro Reagent C 1x 1mL Syringe 1x 24mL…


    Reagent refill for Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit. Enough reagent for 100 tests. Red Sea reagent refills make this line of test kits one of the most affordable high quality test kits available.


    …Auto-off: After 2 minutes of non-use Dimensions: 81.5 x 61 x 37.5 mm (3.2 x 2.4 x 1.5") Weight: 64 g (2.25 oz.) Method: Adaptation of EPA Diazotization method 354.1   Replacement Reagents - HI764-25 Nitrate ULR Replacement Reagents   HI764 Nitrite Ultra Low Range Colorimeter Manufacturer's Manual


    …REEFER test kits: calibrated dropper made by a German manufacturer ensures uniform drops during all repeat tests reagents are made in Germany in accordance with EN ISO 9001 reagents are analyzed according to AAS and NIST standards strict batch and quality control easy to use with intuitive pictogram…


    …including nitrate and phosphate test kits. Providing an accurate measurement of these elements allows for proper dosing and control of algae nutrient levels. Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit Includes: 100 tests Accuracy: ±0.125 ppm Range: 0-64 ppm Test Type: Color comparator Affordable reagent refills  …


    …two essential tests in one – Nitrate and Phosphate. Easy to use colorimetric comparator wheel. 100 Nitrate tests 100 Phosphate tests Affordable reagent refills   Red Sea Algae Control Multi Test Kit Contents: Test NameElement# of TestsAccuracyRangeTest Type Nitrate NO3 100 ±.125ppm 0 - 64 ppm…


    …prevent algae outbreaks. Phosphate Kit includes: 100 tests Easy-to-use, colorimetric comparator Affordable reagent refills   Red Sea produces an algae management line of test kits including nitrate and phosphate test kits. Providing an accurate measurement of these elements allows for proper dosing…


    …field. Determining the nitrate level: Shake the dropper bottles before use! Rinse out the glass cuvette with tap water and then several times with aquarium water. Fill the glass cuvette with exactly 5 ml of aquarium water using the dosing syringe. Add 10 drops of test reagent A, close the glass…


    …Be sure to measure ammonia with a test kit featuring ammonia salicylate reagent rather than Nessler's reagent; Nessler's reagent will give an incorrect positive reading of ammonia due to the manner in which the reagent interacts with the active components of Erāse-ClP. One teaspoon is approximately…

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    …results to the known values printed on the bottle for all of the following parameters. Calcium Magnesium Potassium Salinity Alkalinity Strontium Nitrate Phosphate   Each bottle is manufactured in the Fauna Marine Seawater Research Laboratory and tested using an ICP-AES machine with each batch to…

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    …50 US-gallons (189.3 L) [≈2 drops per gallon (3.8 L)] of aquarium water daily. Monitor concentrations of phosphate and nitrate with accurate test kits; phosphate and nitrate should eventually become immeasurable (or nearly so) when a balance is reached between the rates of nutrient-input and…

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