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    …immune system, reduce aggression and improve their overall health.Traditional and Untraditional seaweed feeding tools have used suction cups, clips and rubber bands that held seaweed with one point of contact and if not secured properly, had the chance of detaching wasting the food and polluting…

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    …find your larger fish may be able to pull the feeding clip of standard magnet clips off the wall. Two Little Fishies now has the Mega Veggie-Mag feeding magnet. The Mega Veggie-Mag feeder has stronger neodymium magnets to keep the clip where you put it. 1" diameter x 1" long ultra strong neodymium…

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    This unique plastic clip has a large suction cup that securely holds seaweed products. Attaches to your tank easily and holds securely to the aquarium glass. Since it floats, it can be easily retrieved if dropped. No metal parts, so you don't need to worry about potential rust. Suitable for both…

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    …Feed on Clip for Carnivorous, Ornamental Fish Highly nutritious feed for small marine fish Best for finicky fish High in pure calanus content; rich in amino acids Easy to attach and access clip Rich in Omega acids High levels of EPA, DHA, SDA, and algae fatty acids Aquaforest Calanidae Clip is a…

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    Slow Dissolving and Clean Nori or Seaweed Sheets are super common to feed to herbivorous fish like tangs rabbitfish and blennies but are also a requirement for omnivores as well. Nori contains carotenes as well as putative immuno-stimulants which can help fish in captivity resist disease and other…

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    …aquariums. Thomas' Fish Food Bundle Includes: BRS Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp - 2oz Reef Nutrition TDO-C2 Chroma Boost - 3oz BRS Freeze Dried Calanus - 2oz Two Little Fishies Green Sea Veggies Seaweed Sheets - 30g Two Little Fishies VeggieMag Sea Veggies Clip American Marine Selcon Concentrate - 60mL

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    …make it possible to offer a variety of greens that your tangs and other herbivorous marine fish will love. Instructions: Feed daily using an algae clip to hold pieces in the water. Guaranteed Analysis: Min Protein - 46.32% Min Fat - 3.9% Max Fiber - 1.9% Max Ash - 9.17% Ingredients -High-quality…

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