One Cartridge Refill (1.25 Lbs.) Di Resin (color Changing)- Brs

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    …used with one of our refillable DI cartridges. This refillable design saves a small fortune over proprietary sealed cartridges. Color Changing Mixed Bed DI Resin Changes Color from Blue to Brown as the media is exhausted. 1.5 Gallon - Fills 6 standard 10" refillable cartridges 1.25 lbs. - Fills 1…

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    DI Resin This kit includes BRS Color Changing Resin. DI Resin is necessary to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to zero and is the last stage of an RO/DI unit. Resin is sold in economical bulk bags as well as single use pouches, which are designed for use with refillable DI cartridges (sold…

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