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    …warning sensor in your sump, water storage level sensor, and much more. The sensors can be mounted into custom brackets or through a hole in a vessel. Included are a fastening nut and silicone washer.    What's Included? 1x OS-1 V2 Optical Sensor with nut and washer

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    …with Neptune FMM Module * Magnet mounts to walls up to 1/4" thick * Can be mounted vertical or horizontal   What's Included? 1x OS-1 V2 Optical Sensor with nut and washer 1x OS-M Optical Sensor Magnetic Mount   Note: FMM Module required for use.

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    …App in development and will be available soon in the Google Play store.   ReefLink Set Up (Available for both Mac OS X and Windows) 1. Plug in your ReefLink to a computer with the supplied USB cable (no power) and allow drivers to be installed if necessary. 2. Download…

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    …- 0.1 µmol m-2 s-1 * Calibration Factor - custom for each sensor and stored in the firmware * Measurement Repeatability - less than 1 % * Response Time - software updates every second * Field of View - 180° * Spectral Range - 410 nm to 655 nm (wavelengths where the…

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    …easier and faster. Mobius means almost instant setup and programming. Local wireless control and programming can be accomplished with either current OS version iOS or Android smart device. Off-site WiFI control is missing from the G5 at launch but will be enabled in the near future. Once again, the…

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