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    …in marine fish and invertebrates Derived from Paracoccus Carotinifaciens in a controlled environment Paracoccus has approximately 2.1% astaxanthin Great for wrasses, clownfish, shrimp, & more! One Size Available: 2oz Storage - Store Paracoccus Powder in a cool dry place to help slow oxidation.…

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    …brine shrimp to hatch, at which point they can be fed directly to your aquarium or placed in another vessel for gut-loading with spirulina or paracoccus powders. Average Hatching Rate -0.4 grams of Premium Brine Shrimp Eggs can yield over 100,000 baby brine shrimp. Dimensions - 8" Diameter x 2.25"…

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    …the natural nutritional characteristics of the shrimp. With any dry food, it is common to soak the pieces in additive powders or solutions like paracoccus, selcon, and other nutritional additives. Great source of protein High levels of fatty acids and HUFA Easy to use and feed Quickly digested One…

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    …enzymes. Brine shrimp are not commonly found in the natural diet of marine fish but are great for new or finicky fish and soaking them in Paracoccus Powder or Copepod Powder can help increase their nutrient load as well. The freeze-dried cubes can be easily broken apart making portion control…

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