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    Pentair replacement UV Lamps are made of high quality quartz glass and offer 13 months (9,000 hours) of continual operation of lamp life. Available in two High Output sizes 50 Watt Replacement High Output UV Lamp for Aquarium 50W SMART HIgh Output UV Sterilizers. 80 Watt Replacement High Output UV…

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    …/ 40W Lite Sterilizers 2" Lite Pentair and Emperor UV Sterilizers 207938 O-Ring Service Kit for 3" 12W / 18W / 25W / 40W / 65W Sterilizers 3" Pentair and Emperor UV Sterilizers 404504 O-Ring Service Kit for 50W / 80W / 120W / 150W HO UV Sterilizers High Output Pentair and Emperor UV Sterilizers Kit…

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    Power supply for Emperor Aquatics Smart UV High Output Sterilizers. Compatible with 50W, 80W, & 120W Smart UV HO Sterilizers.

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    Create a balanced spectrum with T5 & LED lights Over the past few years we have really grown to love hybrid LED/T5 light fixtures for their coverage, intensity, and capability to create a complete spectrum, making it the perfect light for any reef tank. Built-In WiFi Controller Individual…

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    Maxspect Razor X LED Light fixtures are made with the latest in LED technology, including Cree XT-E and XP-E LED chips that are distributed through 4 different controllable channels. Programming can be done through the onboardOLED control interface, or wirelessly with the addition of the…

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