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    Why does BRS recommend this? Pinpoint has been making quality monitoring equipment for years and is the only full-time pH monitor with the ability to give a .01 resolution.  The Pinpoint pH monitor is extremely easy to use and can be counted on to deliver accurate, reliable results with minimal…


    The American Marine Pinpoint pH Controller will monitor and control pH levels in an aquarium. This pH controller controls pH in an upward and downward direction. With proper care, this Pinpoint pH Controller should last a lifetime.   Pinpoint pH Controller Features: Includes probe and calibration…


    …calibration.  10.01 pH - The higher threshold reading your pH monitor or controller will require for use with saltwater aquariums or solutions above 7.00 pH   Specifications PINPOINT pH 4.00 is accurate to +/- .002. PINPOINT pH 7.00 is accurate to +/- .002. PINPOINT pH 10.00 is accurate to +/- .005.

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    The PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe was designed specifically with aquariums in mind. It features long continuous duty life expectancy, fast response and is non-toxic to aquarium systems.   Features 10ft cable with high interference suppression jacket Ag-AgCl reference 99.9% pure platinum   Note:…


    The American Marine PINPOINT Salinity Monitor will immediately give an accurate measure of salt levels in any aquarium. The reading is fully temperature compensated. With proper care this PINPOINT Salinity monitor should last a lifetime. PINPOINT Salinity Monitor Features: Includes conversion…


    PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid is 53.0 mS standardized fluid for calibrating PINPOINT Salinity Monitors as well as refractometers. PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid calibrates to sg 1.026 or 35ppt. PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid calibrates to sg 1.026 or 35ppt. 2.2 FL OZ (65mL)  …


    PINPOINT Probe Storage Fluid 60mL will keep your pH and ORP/REDUX electrodes moist and extend their useful life.


    Ultimate Precision for Target Feeding IceCap's Coral Feeder is the perfect tool for pinpoint feeding of your corals. The plastic squeeze ball lets you have the ultimate control over how much food you are sucking up into the shaft as well as how much food you are dispensing to each coral. We suggest…

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    PINPOINT 400 ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid contains a precise 400mV measurement of calibration solution. Occasional retesting with this fluid will keep PINPOINT ORP/REDOX probes accurate as well as help determine if the probe is ready for replacement. PINPOINT 400 ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid is sold…

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