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    PE mysis has been used and loved by all types of saltwater aquarists. Now the power of fresh PE mysis has been encapsulated in a pellet form along with other essential nutrients and vitamins resulting in a nutritionally complete diet. Three Sizes Available: 1mm (2oz) - Perfect for pico and nano…

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    …glacier-fed Lake Okanagan. Mysis Shrimp is the most recommended food for reef aquariums. Two Sizes Available 4 oz Blister Pack 8 oz Flat Pack Piscine Energetics harvesting process allows for naturally gut-loaded and nutritious Mysis shrimp. The harvesting and flash-freezing process create a…

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    Piscine Energetics Calanus are harvested from pristine arctic waters and make a great coral and small fish food. Their bright orange coloration stems from the high levels of astaxanthin along with other carotenoid pigments. Using the same flash-freezing process as the famous PE Mysis all the…

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    …to an appropriate size for your particular fish. Two Sizes Available: 30g 50g Flake food is known for being very soft and palatable, and now Piscine Energetics produces a nutritionally complete flake food that is designed to help enhance the coloration and vitality of your saltwater fish. Made with…

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    Ready-to-use PE Mysis (Mysis diluviana aka Mysis relicta)pre-rinsed freshwater shrimp harvested by Piscine Energetics Harvested from pristine cold lakes fed by mountain glaciers, these mysis shrimp are excellent source of nutrition for both saltwater and freshwater fish, as well as corals and many…

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