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    …your reef tank using the PhytoTank Macroalgae Reactor! Growing chaeto macroalgae in a PhytoTank is a natural and effective way to remove phosphate and nitrate. Set up the PhytoTank Chaeto reactor by installing a small pump in your sump (do not exceed 250 g/hr) that will pump water from your system,

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    Grow copepods and phytoplankton hassle-free using the PhytoTank CL System! This kit includes everything you need to maintain a self-sustaining copepod colony to feed your reef tank inhabitants. It includes two PhytoTank-L reactors: one for growing copepods and another for growing phytoplankton to…

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    Grow phytoplankton hassle-free using the PhytoTank L System! The integrated LED light provides uniform lighting for maximal growth and obviates the need for space-consuming banks of fluorescent lights. Cultures take place in disposable culture bags and the PhytoTank`s durable rubber cap has…

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    PhytoTank L to Macroalgae Reactor Conversion Cap - Poseidon Reef Systems Already have a PhytoTank-L? Convert your PhytoTank-L to a Macroalgae Reactor with this Macroalgae Reactor Conversion Cap. The hose barbs for the water inlet and outlet ports are for 1/2" inside diameter tubing (two hose clamps…

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    …for CL and L Systems - 10 Pack - Poseidon Reef Systems The PhytoTank Culture Pack provides all the disposable items necessary for running ten PhytoTank L reactor cultures.This is a direct replacement for the disposable sets found in the PhytoTank CL System and the PhytoTank L System packages.What's…

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