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    If you have simply lost, broken, or want a spare, we carry a wide range of Neptune Systems replacement parts. Specifications: Input - 100-240V ~ 2.5A Output - 24V 5A What's Included? 1x 1Link Power Supply

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    …accessory ports that can power small pumps, solenoids, fans and more, while the built in 100W DC power supply lets you control up to 3 1Link accessories like the WAV circulation pumps, and DOS fluid metering system without the need of any additional power supplies or consuming additional outlets.…

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    …(Uninterrupted Power Supply) allowing your Apex Controller System to monitor, and have email/messaging capability in the event of power outage. 6' power cord By connecting your Apex Controller to the 12v power supply and then plugging it into a computer style UPS (uninterrupted power supply) along…

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    The Aquatec Power Supply transformer is required to operate the Aquatec 8800 pump.

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    This is a factory replacement for the ARID C30 reactor. This replacement part is the power supply only; power cord is not included. Specifications Output: 12vdc @ 5 amps Power Draw: 60Watts Power Input: 90-240vac, 50/ 60hz. What's Included? 1x C36 Power Supply

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    …is 24VDC, 36W and can be used with the FMM so that you can attach the powered accessories above like the PMUP or the Solenoid Valve. It also is compatible with the Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System. This power supply is for 110V USA-style outlets. What's Included? 1x FMM 24VDC Power Supply

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    This is a factory replacement for the ARID C30 reactor. This replacement part is the power supply only; power cord is not included. Specifications Output: 12vdc @ 3.34 amps Power Draw: 40Watts Power Input: 90-240vac, 50/ 60hz. What's Included? 1x C30 Power Supply

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    …PVC Board Cord Rails: 7 Internal Shelf: 1x 7L x 2.5W Whats Included? Custom Neptune Systems Controller Board Neptune Systems LED Logo Board Power Supply Remote Control French Cleat Wall Mount 2x Cord Cutout Plugs 2x Velcro Mount Sets for LED Logo Board *Note: Neptune Systems Apex Controller sold…

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    …starter culture (not included) Add 2ml of Part A and 2 ml of Part B fertilizers Install lid and tighten clamp Attach supplied air hose with in line filter, then plug in power supply (an outlet timer set to a 16 hour light / 8 hour dark cycle is recommended) Harvest phytoplankton after 7-10 days.…

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    …Includes 8 outlets to control and monitor power for pumps, lights, skimmers, and more Connect with a Hydros WiFi Power Strip or Hydros Smart Plug (slold separately) to control up to 8 WiFi devicess 2 Command Bus ports with built-in 60W Meanwell Power Supply to connect to other HYDROS devices &…

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    …six individually programmable outlets. The outlets on the Powerbar 6E are arranged in a row with enough distance to allow for even bulky power supplies to be plugged into any outlet, and integrated LEDs indicate the status of each socket. Each Powerbar comes with two Aquatic Bus (PAB) connections…

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    …or even a return pump and sometimes you wont want to run it directly through your Apex Controller. Pair the PMUP Power Supply up with the PMUP to make a perfect combination. Specifications: Cord Length - 6ft Power - 24VDC @ 1.5A For use with 120V outlets only What's Included? 1x PMUP Power Supply

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    …two independentchannels that can be dimmed with the included in-line dimming system that will remember the settings after a power cycle. Using a single outlet and power supply, you get two channels of control to tune the perfect intensity for your tanks inhabitants. Other Spectrums Available 50/50-…

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    …exact power supply's length and are mounted independently. Works with various brands Easy to remove with Velcro straps Secures power supply from the top and bottom Mounts a single power supply Ecotech Marine Power Supply Mounting Brackets are compatible with most standard power supplies found in…

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    …Volume: 3.5 Liters (118 ounces) Recommended Tank Size 100+ Gallons Material Glass and Rubber Power Supply 110V What's Included? (2x) 3.5 Liter PhytoTank L Reactors LED Power Supply LED Dimmer Two-Way Power Splitter PodNest combined aerator & copepod habitat Two-Part Fertilizer (50 ml Part A, 50…

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    …50/50 models as a stand-alone lighting system. Specifications: 24 LEDs per foot Dimensions-1.25" W x 1.1" H Power Cord - >8' Approximate Power Consumption - 1W per inch (example - 24" Lumi Lite uses about 24 watts) What's Included? 1x Lumi Lite LED Strip Fixture 1x Power Supply 2x Tank Mounting Legs

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    …is functional and attractive, utilizing custom spacing for driver mounts, and on the inside there are ample places to secure your wires and power supplies, keeping them safe and tucked away from hazards as well as out of sight so they dont detract from the beauty of your aquarium. The Ecotech Marine…

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    …long power cable gives you enough distance to put the light where ever you desire, and the power supply in a dry location. Coverage Recommendation Recommended Spread: 14" x 8" Max Spread: 18" x 12" Specifications Max Glass Thickness: 3/8" (10mm) Dimensions: 12" L x 1.0" W x 0.7" H Power Consumption:…

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    Power supply for Emperor Aquatics Smart UV Sterilizers. Compatible with 12W to 65W Smart UV Sterilizers.

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    …Lens Type 120 degree 120 degree 120 degree 120 degree IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 Input Voltage Range 100-240V / 50-60Hz 100-240V / 50-60Hz 100-240V / 50-60Hz 100-240V / 50-60Hz Certifications UL Certified Power Supply UL Certified Power Supply UL Certified Power Supply UL Certified Power Supply

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    …Size: 25-60 gallons ; 1 pump per 12-24" Flow rate: 260-2,600 GPH Energy consumption: 36 watts max Voltage/frequency: 120v Dimensions: 3 Diameter x 2" length Cord Length: 78" Max Glass Thickness: 5/8" Warranty: 18 months What's Included? 1x RP-M V2 Wave Pump 1x Controller 1x Power Supply 1x Manual

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    …shadow areas in your tank. Each kit includes two Reef Brite 11.125-inch Blue Actinic XHOs, Reef Brite XHO-B30 brackets, 2-way connector, and power supply. The only additional required components are the primary LED fixture and tank mount hardware. Reduced Shadowing Even Coverage Easy Installation…

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    …1.5" (38mm) Output Fitting*: 1.25" (31.75mm) Power Supply: 150W *Input and output fitting are compatible with standard PVC pipe. What's Included? 1x Vectra L2 Mobius Ready DC Pump 1x Vectra QuietDrive Driver 1x Driver Mounting Bracket 1x Power Supply 1x Input Quick Coupler 1x Output Quick Coupler…

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    …internal memory so you never have to worry about losing your light settings or reprogramming in the event of power interruptions. Compatible with the existing Reef Brite power supply that came with your light. The Reef Brite App is available for free download and is compatible with Apple or Android…

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    …be set to either 12 or 24 hours. If the float switch hasn’t been triggered off within the set time the valve will close and an alarm will be activated. What's Included? Tunze RO Water Controller 8555.000 Solenoid Valve Power Supply Float Switch Brackets & Mounting Hardware Owners Manual

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    …ReefLink and EcoSmart Live. No wires or adapters are needed to connect to your EcoTech equipment. Set up is easy - just plug ReefLink into your power supply within range of your WiFi router, turn it on and you are set. An LED ring on the ReefLink unit lets you know the status of the ReefLink…

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    …of the problem, Neptune's answer is the 1LINK. It is called 1LINK because there is one power supply, one module (for up to three 1LINK devices), and a one-click-connection of a wire that carries not only the power for the device but two-way communication from it to your Apex. Setup is simply click…

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    …PAB* and requires no additional power supply Features Supports all Ecotech Vortech operating modes. Also supports battery backup modes 11 independent channels Also supports Profilux wave functions Operating modes can be scheduled and varied. No extra power supply needed (Bus-powered) Whats Included?…

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    …Material Glass and Rubber Power Supply 110V *Important Notes*The PhytoTankLED system is NOT waterproof. Do NOT submerge your PhytoTank. Wipe the PhytoTank with a damp cloth to clean. Keep power supply and power cords away from water. Create a drip loop with your power cord to prevent water from…

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    …and shadow areas in your tank. Each kit includes two Reef Brite 15-inch Blue Actinic XHOs, Reef Brite XHO-B30 brackets, 2-way connector, and power supply. The only additional required components are the primary LED fixture and mounting hardware such as the XR30 Slide Mount. Reduced Shadowing Even…

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    …1/4" hose push connections Hermetically protected electronics for long life Installation Note: Aquatec 8800 Pressure Switch & Aquatec 8800 Power Supply required for installtion. An Auto-Flush Flow Restrictor will assist the RO membrane to perform with maximum efficiency for longer time periods.…

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    …7.2L x 1.6W x 4.9H 70.6 CFM .8" PL-1672 3 12V 10.9L x 1.6W x 4.9H 105.9 CFM .8" PL-1674 4 12V 14.5L x 1.6W x 4.9H 141.3 CFM .8" PL-1676 5 12V 18.1L x 1.6W x 4.9H 176.6 CFM .8" PL-1678 6 12V 21.7L x 1.6W x 4.9H 211.9 CFM .8" What's Included Propeller Breeze Fan Universal Mounting Bracket Power Supply

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