Probiotic Reef Salt

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    …in the reef tank. Contains Amino Acids Probiotic Bacteria Reduces Phosphate and Nitrate Dissolves quickly Can use immediately after mixing   How to Choose a Salt Mix: it is very important to take your tanks requirements into account when choosing a salt mix. We suggest selecting a salt that closely…

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    …mg/l Sr – 7-9 mg/l dKH – 7.4-8.2 pH – 7.8-8.2     Mixing Instructions: Dissolve salt with RO/DI water in a clean container. To achieve a salinity of 33 ppt, we suggest starting with 1 kg (2.2lbs) of Probiotic reef salt per 7.1 gallons (27 liters) of RO/DI water. Stir the mixture vigorously until it…

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    Probiotics for Saltwater Aquarium Core Health Eco-Balance helps promote optimal water quality by implementing probiotic bacteria that will keep your tank balanced with a 100% natural solution. Six Sizes Available: 4oz (treats up to 120 gallons) 8oz (treats up to 240 gallons) 16oz (treats up to 480…

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    …KH Buffer, Magnesium, and Reef Mineral Salt for a balanced dosing system. Kit Contains 75 ml Component A 75 ml Component B 75 ml Component C 75 ml Component K   The Component Strong A, B, C, k system works in harmony with other Aquaforest additives and the probiotic method. It is recommended to…


    …system like the Probiotic or Balling system, you will want to give the Component 1+, 2+, 3+ system a try for the addition of essential elements. It is by far one of the easiest systems to hook up to a 3 pump dosing system to maintain all major and minor trace elements in a reef tank. Each component…

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