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    pump and subsequent damage. Slip Bulkhead Strainers: ½” Slip Bulkhead Strainer ¾" Slip Bulkhead Strainer 1" Slip Bulkhead Strainer Thread Bulkhead Strainers: ¾” Thread Bulkhead Strainer ½” Thread Bulkhead Strainer 1” Thread Bulkhead Strainer 1½” Thread Bulkhead Strainer 2” Thread Bulkhead Strainer

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    pump system we will install a DMFit strainer before it to keep the pump running quiet and lasting a long time.  A sediment filter before a booster pump will help your expensive pump last a lifetime.  The DMFit filter strainer will only remove larger particles that can damage the booster pumps

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    Low profile strainer that extends fractions of an inch past the bulkhead itself. Prevents fish, snails, and other tank inhabitants from getting sucked into your plumbing, sump or pump and subsequent damage.

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    …or water into mixing jugs has never been more stylish than with this funnel set from OXO. Set includes 4 oz funnel, 16 oz funnel and strainer. Soft ribs on funnel for a secure fit Ribs also allow for circulation so liquids pour in easier without splasing Strainer fits both funnels Dishwasher safe


    …between 100 - 200 gallons 3.5" body 1000 mL max capacity Super quiet VSC2000-DC pump DC pump has external controller for easy tuning of flow Screw off lid is very easy to remove for cleaning of built in strainer 3/4" barbed outlet (comes with short piece of silicone tubing) 10" L x 5.5" W x 19.5"…

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