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    …quality draw-string nylon media bag supplied with Red Seas Reef Spec Carbon is now available on its own and is a great option for holding all types of loose media, such as gfo, granular activated carbon, and scavenging resins. Features Ideal mesh size for all aquarium filter media Bag size 5x 10/…

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    Mesh Filter Socks for Red Sea Reefer and MAX series of tanks. Red Sea Mesh Filter Socks are great for trapping detritus and free floating particles in your tank. Filter socks are washable for continued use and will help give your tanks water that crystal clear effect. 225 Micron Mesh Filter Sock 4"…

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    …1x Red Sea ReefLED 50 Light Over the past few years Red Sea has a lot of time dedicated to testing and researching LED lighting, and the culmination of those efforts led them to the ReefLED 50. Designed for optimal growth while producing great coloration with a pleasant shimmer effect. Red Sea

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