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    …R42083 60" x 31" 10 2 10 2 2 26.2' 13.1' R42084 72" x 31" 10 2 10 3 3 26.2' 13.1'   Red Sea Aquarium Compatability Chart Tank Model Screen Model Number Net Cover Dimensions Accessory Kits Required Split Screen Reefer Nano R42080  24" x 24"  0  No Reefer 170 Reefer 170 Deluxe R42080  24" x 24" 0 …

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    If you need to modify your Red Sea Aquarium Screen Top Kit to fit around a protein skimmer or another large piece of equipment the Universal Cut Out Kit is the perfect solution. The kit includes two external and internal corner adapters, and two pieces of cut out profile that can be trimmed to your…


    …with the installation of your Red Sea DIY Aquarium Screen Top. Each kit includes two sets of zig-zag cutouts, one set that allows for 15mm of clearance and the other gives a gracious 40mm of clearance. Just use the excess framing sections in your Red Sea Netting Kit to create custom cutouts while…


    Add additional hangers to support your screen top over longer spans. Compatible with Red Sea Aquarium Screen Top kits. If your top has a long run that sags a slight bit, just add a few Red Sea Aquarium Top Hangers for added support.    What's Included? 4x Red Sea Aquarium Top Hanger Clips


    …out your netting, make sure to use Red Sea's original DIY Aquarium Screen Top Replacement Spline. It comes as a single 26' roll of spline and can be trimmed down to the proper dimensions required by your tank. Compatible with all Red Sea DIY Aquarium Screen Top Kits.     What's Included? 26 Feet Net…

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