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    …Equipped Nano Aquarium System -- Now with Increased Display Dimensions! All-In-One Plug & Play reef system Increased depth to add 40% more display space for better aquascaping potential Rimless, ultra-clear glass Built-in AIO rear sump filtration system with all the bells and whistles Max Nano

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    Fully Equipped Plug & Play Nano AIO Aquarium System Rimless, ultra-clear glass Built-in AIO rear sump filtration system with all the bells and whistles Max Nano REEF-SPEC Protein Skimmer Surface skimmer with removable combs 225 Micron filter bag, sponges, and REEF-SPEC carbon 240GPH Sicce Return…

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    …pads every few days. Replaces filter socks Create your own custom filter tower Works with all Red Sea Reefer & most MAX systems (excluding MAX Nano) Compatible with most pre-made sumps Includes media bag Specifications: Dimensions: 4" x 8" Min Sock Opening: 3.5" Capacity: 1L Media Bag Size: 5" x…

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    …Mounting brackets provide 1.2 clearance for door hinges Two Sizes Available Control Panel 25 - Fits all Red Sea REEFER Aquarium Cabinets (except NANO) Control Panel 60 - Fits only Red Sea REEFER XL & Above Model Comparison Model Dimensions Min. Cabinet Internal Depth Control Panel 25 9.8 x 17.7…

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    The ReefLED 50's Universal Mounting Arm is perfect for nano-sized aquariums that need a tank mounted bracket to support their light. Red Sea's Mounting Arm can be rotated from side to side allowing you to push it out of the way for aquascaping or maintenance inside the aquarium. The support will…

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    …3 26.2' 13.1' Red Sea Aquarium Compatability Chart Tank Model Screen Model Number Net Cover Dimensions Accessory Kits Required Split Screen Reefer Nano R42080 24" x 24" 0 No Reefer 170 Reefer 170Deluxe R42080 24" x 24" 0 No Reefer 250 Reefer 250 Deluxe Fixed Mount R42081 36" x 24" 0 No Reefer 250…

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    …nozzle or Vivid Creative's RFG Nozzle. No glue, tape, heat, or clamps are needed! If you want the output of the return nozzle to be below the water line, check out Vivid Creative Aquatic's Drop Adapters. Compatible with: Red Sea Reefer Aquariums Red Sea Max Series (Excludes MAX Nano) 25mm PVC

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