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    Net Covers! The thin profile and secure mounting hangers, Red Sea Net Cover seamlessly blend with almost any aquarium, even rimless tanks. The aluminum frame and its components allow you to customize the top around rim-mounted equipment such as lights, filters, and returns. Each net top is…

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    …you can cut the sections with a traditional hacksaw to make the perfect size top for your tank.    Two Sizes Available: * 36" (two sections included) * 72" (two sections included)   What's Included? 2x Tank Net Screen Profile Sections

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    If you need to replace your current spline or just want some extra on hand for the next time you change out your netting, make sure to use Red Sea's original DIY Aquarium Screen Top Replacement Spline. It comes as a single 26' roll of spline and can be trimmed down to the proper dimensions…

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    …one set that allows for 15mm of clearance and the other gives a gracious 40mm of clearance. Just use the excess framing sections in your Red Sea Netting Kit to create custom cutouts while keeping a clean and stylish look.    Compatible with all Red Sea DIY Screen Top Kits …

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