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    …two essential tests in one Nitrate and Phosphate. Easy to use colorimetric comparator wheel. 100 Nitrate tests 100 Phosphate tests Affordable reagent refills Red Sea Algae Control Multi Test Kit Contents: Test Name Element # of Tests Accuracy Range Test Type Nitrate NO3 100 .125ppm 0 - 64 ppm…

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    Maintaining low nitrate levels will help prevent algae outbreaks, promote coral and fish health as well as bring out the best coral colors. Red Sea Nitrate Pro (NO3) Test Kit accurately measures nitrate levels.Red Sea produces an algae management line of test kits including nitrate and phosphate…

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    Accurately measure the Nitrate (NO3) and Nitrite (NO2) in your new marine tank. Kit includes: 50 Nitrate tests 50 Nitrite tests Red Sea Nitrate/Nitrite Test Kit Contents Test NameElement# of TestsAccuracyRangeTest Type Nitrate NO3 50 ±1ppm 0-250ppm Colorimetric Nitrite NO2 50 ±.025ppm…

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    …PO4-X: A unique complex of carbons and other organic bonded elements that are used by anoxic bacteria for the accurate control of algae nutrient (nitrate and phosphate) levels. kH Coralline Gro: A concentrated marine buffer complex, fortified with the specific minor and trace elements that promote…

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    Reagent refill for Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit. Enough reagent for 100 tests. Red Sea reagent refills make this line of test kits one of the most affordable high quality test kits available.

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    Prevent algae breakouts by removing the nitrates and phosphates in your reef tank. NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer from Red Sea is a complex of carbons each with a different strain of microorganisms in a reef ready solution. Three Sizes Available 500mL 1000mL 5000mL Red Sea's NO3:PO4-x is…

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    …100 Nitrate test kits 60 Nitrite test kits 100 pH test kits 55 Alkalinity test kits Analytical grade glass vials Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit Manual Red Sea Reef Marine Care Test Kit Contents Test Name Element # of Tests Accuracy Range Test Type Ammonia NH3/NH4 100 .1ppm 0-2ppm Colorimetric Nitrate

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    …includes: 100 tests Easy-to-use, colorimetric comparator Affordable reagent refills Red Sea produces an algae management line of test kits including nitrate and phosphate test kits. Providing an accurate measurement of these elements allows for proper dosing and control of algae nutrient levels. Red…

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    …Instruments 1x Phosphate Ultra Low Range PPM Colorimeter HI774 Hanna Checker - Marine - Hanna Instruments 1x Nitrate High Range Colorimeter HI782 - Marine Water - Hanna Instruments 1x RedSea Calcium Pro Test Kit 1x AF Magnesium Test Kit - Aquaforest 1x ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis Hanna Alkalinity DKH…

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    …waste by-products in your reef, including: alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and nitrate. Test Kits Included Hanna DKH Colorimeter Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit AquaForest Magnesium Test Kit NYOS Nitrate REEFER Test Kit Hanna Phosphate Ultra Low Range PPM Colorimeter Each of these test kits…

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    …is the latest addition to Focustronic's suite of water testing equipment. It is a standalone machine with the ability to accurately measure Nitrates, Phosphates, Magnesium, Calcium, Alkalinity, and organic matter in aquariums. Automatically measures and records important water parameters High…

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