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    …brighter colors. Based onlong-termresearch, Reef Energy Plus is an enhanced supplement that provides the complete nutritional components needed by Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals for vitality, growth, and coloration.Reef Energy Plus was also designed to be easy to use with automatic…

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    …the collection cup up or down to adjust the foam level to wet or dry. Maintenance is simple. A removable collection cup makes cleaning easy. Plus, every AquaMaxx protein skimmer includes a drain fitting for hobbyists who want to setup a separate reservoir for skimmate. Water quality and consistency…

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    …other inverts in a controlled dose that can be tailored to your reef aquarium's needs. A key difference between this product and many other sources of nitrate or phosphate is that the compounds in Plus-NP areare bound by an organic energy source, so nitrogen and phosphorus can be utilized by corals…

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    …If you are dosing a variety of additives such as calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, trace elements, and maybe a nutrient supplement like Reef Energy Plus, it can quickly turn into a confusing mess of dosing lines, and it's important to keep different additives separate to avoid cross-contamination.…

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