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    Reef Iodide is a concentrated, stabilized potassium iodide source for reef aquaria that will restore and maintain iodide levels to those found in natural sea water. Iodide is an important element required by invertebrates and many soft corals (gorgonians, sarcophytons, etc). Most iodine supplements…

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    …Highly-concentrated, extended activity iodide solution. Provides iodide, which is important to hermatypic corals and other invertebrates harboring zooxanthellae, macroalgae, and also to the health of fishes. Stronger than most competing products. The nature of iodide sources used makes Iodion more…

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    Reef Plus provides a wide spectrum of vital trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids which play a critical role in the health of our fish and corals. Other vitamin supplements are often incomplete, containing only vitamins and trace minerals. Reef Plus contains necessary amino acids in addition to…

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    …water, Potassium Iodide, Iodine Technical Background Brightwell Aquatics Lugol’s is an extremely powerful iodine solution. It should only be used by advanced reef aquarists to dose iodine as well as to create a dip for corals and their allies.The importance of iodine in a reef aquarium cannot…

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    …intended for use in reef aquariums using the Balling Method. When used in combination with Calcium, Magnesium, KH Buffer, and Reef Mineral Salt; Aquaforest's Components Strong provides the perfect amount of microelements necessary to maintain proper balance* in coral reef aquaria. Ideal for Soft…

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    …can reproduce and wreak havoc on your system. For this reason, it is always recommended to perform a coral dip before adding a new frag to your reef. Unfortunately, commercially-available coral dips can be limited in their effectiveness, or even overly harsh and damaging to the corals themselves.…

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    …per 40 US-gallons in an area of energetic water flow; doing so will neutralize free iodine (i.e. that which is not in an ionic form, such as iodide or iodate, or in a bound form). Observe aquarium livestock for no less than 15 minutes thereafter. Erse-Cl binds iodine at a rate that is limited…

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