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    Flux Rx is an extremely safe and effective aquarium treatment and can even be used in reef aquariums with corals present. It should be noted that if you have bryopsis or green hair algae present in your aquarium, fluconazole can cause rapid death of these algae species as a side effect. Hair algae…

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    …Ideal for freshly cut coral frags Safe for all coral types Reef safe Treats 400 gallons How to Use Note: It is highly recommended that all corals be treated in some form of quarantine system and that the maximum contact time with Reef Rx be allowed in order to avoid developing resistant strains of…

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    …sealing the mouth to ensure planulae are not released during treatment. Aiptasia Rx is the most concentrated solution on the market, ensuring water movement does not carry treatment off target. Features Reef Safe No mixing Precision applicator How to use product Shake well before using. Turn…

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    …outbreaks Reef Safe Red Cyano Rx Red Cyano Rx will quickly and effectively treat disease causing cyanobacteria from live rock, coral and sand in your saltwater aquarium without harming any of its inhabitants including beneficial bacteria when used as directed. Unlike other products, Red Cyano Rx

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    …filtered out. Regular use of Phosphate Rx can increase vitality and growth of your aquarium inhabitants. Phosphate Rx is veterinarian approved and has been used by leading public aquariums, livestock wholesalers, retailers and hobbyists. Features Reef safe Fast & effective Pre-mixed liquid…

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    Flatworm Rx is an exceptionally fast, safe and effective treatment for flatworms in your reef or fish only saltwater aquarium. Once introduced, flatworms like Red Planaria can quickly multiply and begin to irritate fish and corals as they cover rocks and sand. The best strategy is to treat as the…

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    …as directed. Unlike other products, Red Cyano Rx will not discolor your aquariums water. Features Reef safe Easy to use Treats 400g How to Use Note: It is recommended that the pH in your aquarium be greater than 8.0 before you begin to add Red Cyano Rx. This product may reduce the Ph and can affect…

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    …quarantine them before adding them to your reef tank. CoralRX is a special blend that treats suffering corals that are suffering from parasites, and also as a prophylactic measure to promote coral health and bacterial infections. How to use Coral Rx One Shot: 1. Pour one gallon of water from your…

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