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    …frags vertically.   Thick Gel - This is a thick glue somewhere between normal super glue and extra thick gel. We find this sets faster and works best when you have two flat surfaces to bond.   BRS Extra Thick Gel Super Glue is 100% reef safe and perfect for attaching corals to frags or aquascaping…

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    …to use and is safe for all fish, corals and invertebrates in freshwater or marine aquariums. Purple color appears as natural coralline inside the aquarium. Easy to use Great for aquascaping live or dry rock Hardens in 5 minutes and fully cures in 45 minutes Cures purple to blend in 100% reef safe


    …place the frag in water immediately after applying the Insta-set. Just as long as the heat is monitored Insta-set is very safe to use for many different purposes in the reef tank and around the house. Insta-set is not like other accelerators that smell horrible and have a very strong chemical smell.…


    Compatible with the Maxspect Coral Glue Gun Attaches to the Coral Glue Gun in seconds, and even includes two new precision, no clog applicator tips. With a quick dry time, the extra thick super glue is 100% reef safe and is perfect for frags, rocks, or plugs.    Contains 50 grams (1.9oz) of Extra…


    …mounting corals easier and allows for a pool of glue to be made without it weeping down the sides of the dome. Aquadome's are handmade in the USA from aragonite reef sand and can vary in overall shape and color.  Ready for use Stable base 100% reef safe Pre-cured Perfect for encrusting corals Made…


    Reef Glue Gel is extremely thick so it may be necessary to invert the bottle upside down and tap it to move the gel adhesive to the applicator tip. 4x as thick as previous Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel Triple distilled super strong Cyanoacrylate reef glue Marine Grade 100% reef safe Clean, clear…


    …Coral Frag Plugs are 100% reef safe and are fired at nearly 2000 degrees making them completely inert. Ceramic frag plugs do not need to be cured and can be used right away. These plugs have a slightly textured surface on the crown making adhesives like super glue and epoxy stick very well with…


    …Prorogation Kit Includes: 1x 6" long Bone Cutter for cutting hard bony corals 1x 6" long Soft Coral tissue cutting scissors 1x 6" forceps for specimen handling 1x 6" Coral Scalpel 5x #10 Replacement Scalpel Blades 1x 1 oz Cyanoacrylate Reef Glue Gel 1x 2 oz tube of Purple Coralline Reef Safe Epoxy


    …additional specimens – frags. This practice allows reef hobbyists to attain desirable coral specimens at a fraction of the cost or to share with other hobbyists while reducing impact on natural reef systems. Fragmenting corals is generally a safe process for the corals but still creates some level…

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