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    Treat and control unwanted parasites like flukes, tapeworms, flatworms, and turbellarians in your reef tank. Safe and effective Liquid concentrate praziquantel treatment Won't negatively impact biological filtration Use a treatment or to prevent infection Non-toxic to common aquarium inhabitants and…

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    …biological filtration   Cyano Clean’s performance can be considerably enhanced when utilized as a companion product to Coral Snow and/ or Zeozym; to safely eliminate unsightly red slime algae from your saltwater aquarium. Korallen-Zucht Dosing Instructions 2 drops per each 100L of net water volume,…

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    …and protozoan diseases in your reef tank. Targets infected areas safely and includes a skin-slime replacement to speed up recovery. 3.5 oz Contains proven ingredients - nitrofurazone and furazolidone Can be used as a dip, bath or with food Extremely safe Treats Zoa Pox Use for pond, freshwater…


    Highly effective and reef safe. Aiptasia-X eradicates Aiptasia and its larvae from your tank. The special formula of natural components form a thick, adhesive material which, once ingested, seals shut the mouth of nuisance anemones. Shortly after ingestion, the material causes the Aiptasia to…

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    …version now known as Vibrant. Combats cloudy water and algae Can utilize all current filtration Safe with fish, coral, and invertebrates    Two Sizes Available: 8oz Vibrant - Reef Formula 16oz Vibrant - Reef Formula   Instructions: Cleaning Mode - Add 1mL of Vibrant per 10 gallons of aquarium water…

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    …additional specimens – frags. This practice allows reef hobbyists to attain desirable coral specimens at a fraction of the cost or to share with other hobbyists while reducing impact on natural reef systems. Fragmenting corals is generally a safe process for the corals but still creates some level…

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    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide   Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop will help reduce parasitic flatworms on Acropora and SPS corals while strengthening all other types of corals. Works by making Acropora tissue unpalatable to acro-eating flatworms Reef-safe and will not harm any other vertebrate or…

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    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.  Cuprion is NOT reef safe. Copper is an extremely toxic to all animals in certain concentrations.  Scaled fish can handle small amounts of copper to treat certain diseases.  Any Copper treatments should be done in a quarantine tank with proper filtration and daily ammonia…

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    Joe's Juice has been available world wide since 2003 as a simple to use, reef safe, Aiptasia solution.  Simply feed a small amount of JoesJuice and the results will happen within minutes. How to: Turn off powerheads before feeding. Shake well before use. Fill supplied syringe and tip with 'patent…


    Reef Safe tripour measuring cups are great for metering any type of liquid. Each cup has graduated markings up the side allowing you to see how much liquid volume you have in your cup. Measurements are available in milliliters and fluid ounces.  High quality graduated measuring cups with a special…

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