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    The Digital Aquatics float switch kits make configuration quick and easy! There are countless ways to use these new float switches with either your RKE or RKL system. Program an Auto Top Off (ATO) system, automate water transfers, setup safety alerts for high AND low water levels, skimmer collection…

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    The ReefKeeper SW5 features four switch ports and one relay port to provide a broad range of monitoring options for your ReefKeeper Elite or Lite. Use this module to add float switches, reed switches, leak detectors, on/auto/off override switches, optical sensors, and more... Physical dimensions:…


    The ReefKeeper Switch Adapter Kit by Digital Aquatics allows you to connect a variety of switch inputs to your SL1 and SL2 ports. Compatible with both the RKE and RKL Reefkeeper systems Cable Length: 6 Ft. (2 meters)


    …value controllers on the market. See below for quick compare chart of the differences between each RKL. ReefKeeper Lite Plus Features Head Unit 2 PB4 power bars (8 total outlets) Digital Aquatics Temperature probe ReefKeeper SLX pH and ORP Module(Inputs: pH, ORP, Temperature, and 2x Switch Ports)


    Used for monitoring and controlling water levels in your aquarium or sump ReefKeeper Elite - Supported ReefKeeper Lite - Supported


    …for modern reef keeper. These ballasts are one of the few that are UL approved.  Having a selectable ballast offer the hobbyist the luxury of switching between lamp wattage and drive modes such as the HQI and Overdrive settings. Small, compact and completely silent performance these new electronic…

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