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    Unlike traditional bone cutters, the Reefsmart Coral Cutters are ergonimically designed to allow for superb control, positioning, and comfortability during use. This reduces stress and damage to your corals during propagation. Simply align the coral frag or disc on the anvil for a perfect cut-- no…

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    Cured for 2+ Months & 100% Reef Safe! Reefsmart Aquadome Frag Mountsare perfect for large coral frags and will help add stability and additional surface area for the coral to start encrusting. Each Aquadome has a concave upper portion that makes mounting corals easier and allows for a pool of…

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    Reefsmarts innovative new Easy Cut Frag Disks make it incredibly easy to propagate and grow out beautiful frags in your aquarium, whether its in your display or in a dedicated frag system. The dual sided frag disks have a highly textured side that provides for a great growing surface that blends…

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