Refractometer Calibration Solution

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    …to calibrate refractometers once a month or whenever the ambient light may change.    Refractometer Calibration Instructions: 1. Shake well! 2. Clean any watermarks or stains off the refractometers prism with a soft cloth 3. Add enough BRS Refractometer Calibration

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    calibration solution! Calibrating your refractometer only takes a minute and is a critical step in ensuring your tanks saltwater is mixed correctly. 1.0264sg  |  35ppt  |  53µS   Two Sizes Available * 60mL - great for refractometers *…

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    …If you have a hard time seeing the fuzzy blue line common with traditional refractometers, or just want to make your life easier, pick up a Hanna HI98319 Salinity Testing Pen! * Comes with calibration solutions ensuring proper readings * Ideal for testing salinity in any aquariums *…

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    …ruin the solution.   Note: It is best to calibrate refractometers to the exact specific gravity you will desire. With reef tanks we highly suggest using the included calibration solution to calibrate the refractometer to 1.026 (35ppt). Do not calibrate using RO/DI…

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    PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid is 53.0 mS standardized fluid for calibrating PINPOINT Salinity Monitors as well as refractometers. PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid calibrates to sg 1.026 or 35ppt. PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid calibrates to sg 1.026 or 35ppt. 2.2 FL OZ…

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    …Check expired reagents for accuracy * Calibrate your refractometer   Example of Use Measurement of the reference solution with a magnesium test gives you a result of 1,000 mg/L. * The multi-reference solution however contains 1,314 mg/L * The ratio…

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    …Included? 1x HI772 dKH Alkalinity Checker 1x HI758 Calcium Checker 1x HI774 ULR Phosphate Checker 1x HI98319 Salinity & Temperature Pen Tester 1x HI774-25 ULR Phosphate Checker Reagent Pack 1x HI70024P Salinity Calibration Solution 1x HI70436M Deionized Water

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    …water, and can easily be calibrated for accurate repeatable readings.  For the most accurate readings  you will want to calibrate the refractometer to the solution you will be reading, and that is why we always include a bottle of Aqua Craft Calibration Solution at 35ppt (1.026sg) to keep…

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