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    …water level is replenished the sensor will tell the controller to shut off power to the solenoid to close the valve and stop the flow of RODI water. The solenoid uses 1/4" push connect fittings to allow RO tubing to connect quickly.   All BRS RODI systems use 1/4" tubing on the product water line.…


    …The solenoid valves uses the 24V accessory port found on 1Link modules and the EnergyBar 832.   Solenoid Valve (SV-1) This 24VDC powered, normally-closed (NC), solenoid valve has push-fit tubing input and outputs designed for standard 1/4″ tubing. The electrical connection on this solenoid valve


    …No Holes or Drilling Magnetic Mount Dual Optical Eye for Safety Works in Complete Darkness Includes RO Solenoid Valve Eliminates Waste Water Run-Off     1-7 Day Delay Timer Traditional float valves and switches will automatically turn on your RODI system after a couple drops of water are removed…


    …IceCap's ATO Solenoid Valve can work with a gravity fed auto top off reservoirs or just connect it directly to your RODI system. The solenoid valve will replace the pump that comes with the IceCap ATO system, and plugs directly into the ATO controller. Just connect standard 1/4" RO tubing to the…

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    …rate and extending membrane sediment and carbon filter life.   Upon system start-up and every hour thereafter, the 24VAC normally closed solenoid valve automatically “power flushes” the membrane at full pump flow, or full line pressure in unboosted systems, for 18 seconds every hour. Turbulent…

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    …Tunze RO Water Controller 8555 also features a timer backup that can be set to either 12 or 24 hours. If the float switch hasn’t been triggered off within the set time the valve will close and an alarm will be activated.   What's Included? Tunze RO Water Controller 8555.000 Solenoid Valve Power…


    …low power auto-off High frequency alarm Mesh pre-filter The Leak Block Sensor from HM Digital includes an electronic sensing pad and a latching solenoid valve that will close if the sensing pad ever comes in contact with water. They can be connected with either 3/8" Female NPT fittings or 1/2" Male…


    …DC Solenoid Cable Length: 4ft AC Switch Max Load:10 A / 1,200 W @ 120V AC AC Switch Cable Length: 115 inches Power Supply Cable Length: 67 inches   What's Included? Ultimate ATO Controller Module+ Mounting Bracket 2x Dual-Optical Sensors w/magnetic housing DC Pump AC Socket Switch RO Solenoid Valve

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