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    …the solenoid. It is that easy. The solenoid works in conjunction with the ATO controller and sensor to allow the flow of RODI water to your sump and when the water level is replenished the sensor will tell the controller to shut off power to the solenoid to close the valve and stop the flow of RODI

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    …be set to either 12 or 24 hours. If the float switch hasn’t been triggered off within the set time the valve will close and an alarm will be activated. What's Included? Tunze RO Water Controller 8555.000 Solenoid Valve Power Supply Float Switch Brackets & Mounting Hardware Owners Manual

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    RODI system hooked up on a second floor these are a no brainer! Making the LBS-10 ultra safe is when the battery is starting to get low, it gives you an audible alert, and before the battery completely dies the solenoid valve will latch shut until the battery is replaced. Possible Applications: RODI

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    …place the solenoid after sediment filters, or even better after carbon blocks to remove any particulates that could clog the solenoid valve. Installing the valve before your RO/DI system can cause the solenoid valve to fail prematurely. RO/DI System with an Auto Shut Off Valve - The solenoid valve…

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    …for controlling your RODI system, top off system, calcium reactor, or other low flow items that use 1/4" tubing. The solenoid valves uses the 24V accessory port found on 1Link modules and the EnergyBar 832. Solenoid Valve (SV-1) This 24VDC powered, normally-closed (NC), solenoid valve has push-fit…

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    …for your RO/DI. You can connect the solenoid to your reverse osmosis filter and use it to top-off your freshwater ATO reservoir when its getting low. Instead of using the HYDROS DC Micro Pump as your ATO pump, you could also use the HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve instead. The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve…

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    …4, you can monitor important parameters such as temperature, pH, ORP, water levels, and flow rates, just to name a few. Control pumps, timers, solenoids, and much more through HYDROS technologically advanced design. Use the HYDROS Control 4 Start Pack as a standalone system, or build an extensive…

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    …will be immediately notified. A few example of supported accessories include: Auto Top Off (ATO) pumps Cooling fans Cabinet LED lights Solenoids to control RO/DI systems 2x Command Bus -- Two Command Bus Ports are available for powering the Control and connecting to and communicating with additional…

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    Choose the Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Retrictor that meets your RODI systems flow rate. 300 mL/min 400 mL/min 500 mL/min for 75 GPD single membranes or 150 GPD Water Saver Systems 600 mL/min 700 mL/min 800 mL/min for 100 & 150 GPD single membranes or 200 GPD Water Saver Systems The Aquatec…

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    …or draws too much, you will be immediately notified. Available Drive Port Accessories Auto Top-Off (ATO) pumps Cooling fans Cabinet LED lights Solenoids to control reverse osmosis systems Command Bus The HYDROS Control 2 includes two Command Bus ports which are used to power the Control unit as well…

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