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    Drain Saddle Clamps directly plumb the waste water line from RO systems to a sinks drain pipe. 1/4" Push Connect 3/8" Push Connect Max pipe diameter 1.5" Sch 40 PVC or Sch. 80 PVC

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    …tanks to shut off an Reverse Osmosis system. It utilizes the back pressure created by the float valve or pressurized tank to shut off the water supply to the membrane. Without an automatic shut off valve waste water would continue to run out after the float valve is activated or tank becomes full.


    …this? If you hook up your RODI system and have low pressure or an issue with the amount of product water you are producing, there is a good chance are a booster pump will solve the issue.  The Booster pump kit will come with everything needed to get it hooked up to your RODI system and increases the…


    Match your décor by installing a Reverse Osmosis Faucet to your RO system. This style of faucet does not have an air gap for the waste water line.  If installing for drinking water you should check with city code to see if it requires an air gap faucet.

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    …on a reverse osmosis system with a drinking water system attached. Air gap faucets will prevent sink drain water from entering the system via the waste water line. This is particularly important if your home experiences a sewage back up. Air gap faucets do emit some amount of noise while the storage…

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    …where large volumes of water needs to be produced. At common RO system incoming flow rates (less than 1g/min) the manufacturer has informed us the Pentek CRFC20-BB cartridge will last 75,000 gallons. At a 3:1 waste to product water ratio this filter will produce almost 19,000 gallons of RO water.

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