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    …of $29.99. Due to customs restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or any other US Territories at this time. Rotifers offer high levels of natural microalgae which help promote zooplankton production. An excellent food for finicky fish with small mouths, juveniles,…


    …will take to live foods much quicker than any other type of food. The Aquabreed 1000 can be used with different types of live foods like phytoplankton and rotifers. Whats Included Aquabreed 1000 Hanging bracket Air pump Air control valve Rigid airline tubing Soft airline tubing Necessary plumbing  


    …in one food. Achieve faster growth. Contains all of the essential ingredients: Bio-engineered Zooplankton Spray Dried Phytoplankton Freeze Dried Rotifers Freeze Dried Copepods Dried Daphnia Spirulina Powder Artemia Nauplii replacement diet. Feeding jar included. Due to customs restrictions we are…

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    …Alaska, Hawaii, or any other US Territories at this time. Coral Gumbo is a mixture of unique, carefully selected foods like, Pacifica Krill, Mysis, Rotifers, Nori, Cyclops, Brine Shirmp, Oysters and much more all mixed into one easy to use food. The mixture encompasses the different needs of corals…


    …Phytoplankton is a versatile food source for any reef aquarium. Feed corals, invertebrates, fish directly. Use as an enrichment for Artemia and rotifer culture. Use as an essential first step in creating a natural food chain in your reef aquarium by promoting production of zooplankton which is also…

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