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    …recirculating reactor, the DC powered pump will automatically draw in water as it is needed thanks to its specially designed intake system. The Skimz RR93 can also be used with any other type of media that needs to be tumbled.   Biopellet Media Capacity: 700mL/2.9 Cups Phosphate Media Capacity:…

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    …FM150 OQ012 208839 NM202,CM202, NM202H, CM202H OQ013 209851 CM122, CM152, NM122, NM152 Second Chamber OQ014 209858 CM202, CM202H, NM202, NM202H Second Chamber OQ015 209859 CM93, RR93 OQ016 209860 CM113, RR113 OQ017 209861 CM153, RR153, CM154, RR154, NM154 OQ018 209862 MBR127 OQ008 208797 

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    …GLM005 208767 NM122, NM152, CM152, and CM122 (second chamber) GLM006 208768 CM202, CM202H, NM202,NM202H (second chamber) GLM007 208770 CM93 and RR93 GLM008 209864 CM113 and RR113 GLM009 209865 CM204, NM204, and RR204 GLM010 208769 FM100 and BR100 GLM012 208763 FM150, CM153, RR153, CM154, RR154,…

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    Replacement Effluent Valve Compatibility Chart Skimz Part Number Calcium Reactor Model BRS SKU CSF01 CM122, CM152, CM202, CM202H, CM93, CM113, CM153, RR153, RR124, RR154, and RR204 209755 CSF02 RR93, and RR113 209867

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    …Skimz replacement parts!   Skimz Pump Sizes  Your Reactor Pump  Skimz Replacement Pump Number  BRS SKU Fits These Reactors VSC1.2 VSC1.2 210169 RR93, BR83, CM93, CM113 VSC2.1 VSC2.1 210170 RR113, BR103, CM153 WP-VSC4.0 WP-VSC4.0 210171 RR153, BR153 WP-VSC6.0 WP-VSC6.0 210172   WP-VSC9.0 WP-VSC9.0…

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