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    Coral Pro Salt Mix provides the biologically balanced, elevated levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium & Carbonates) necessary for sustainable, accelerated growth and enhanced vitality of all corals. BRS recommends using a complete salt mix, to save money and time on testing supplies…

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    Instant Ocean Reef Crystals is an Enriched formulation made especially for use in reef aquariums. Reef Crystals contains essential ocean reef elements in concentrations greater than those found in natural sea water. Sizes Available: Mixes 160 Gallons - Bucket Mixes 200 Gallons - Box

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    Preferred by aquarists for over 40 years, Instant Ocean Sea Salt Mix is enriched with major, minor and trace elements. Facilitates the growth of corals and other invertebrates in a reef aquarium. Easy to use and exceptional solubility. Sizes Available: Mixes 160 Gallons - Bucket Mixes 200 Gallons -…

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    salt in our office tanks for a while with great success.  The salt is very consistent and mixes quickly and clean.  With no unnecessary added chemicals that most salt mixes add to appear clean, HW has passed the test, and standards that many public aquariums and high end displays require in a salt


    Salt Mix is a high purity blend of salt mix produced using the a synthetic process and does not contain any recycled components. Uses high grade materials to match natural seawater while providing natural calcium and magnesium concentrations to match natural seawater. One of the first synthetic salt


    For the serious aquarist that wants complete control! Make your salt the exact way you want it with the B-Ionic Seawater System. ESV put together an ultra-pure 4-part salt mix that let's make consistent batches of salt from bucket to bucket.  4-Part System USP Grade Magnesium Sulfate Ultra-Low Heavy…

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    Reef Salt has been specifically designed for demanding LPS and SPS tanks that do not use the probiotic method but require a high-quality salt with balanced parameters required for reef tanks. Three Sizes Available: 10 kg Bucket - Makes up to 70 gallons* 22 kg Bucket - Makes up to 155 gallons* 25 kg…

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    …ppm, respectively All non-conservative minor and trace elements found in seawater Sufficient salt to reconstitute purified water of the stated package volume to 1.025 g/cm3 Our commitment that this salt blend is the best you have ever used  What’s not in NēoMarine: Anti-caking agents Vitamins, amino…


    Aquaforst Probiotic Method Aquaforest's Probiotic Reef Salt is an entirely synthetic salt that is designed for corals but will work especially well for SPS corals. Three Sizes Available: 10 kg Bucket - Makes up to 65 gallons* 22 kg Bucket - Makes up to 145 gallons* 25 kg Box - Makes up to 170…

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    The new Milwaukee MA887 Seawater Digital Refractometer encompasses 3 different types of user selected scales for the measurement of seawater providing for a much more precise evaluation. Each scale is temperature compensated. Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer Manual


    Filling your aquarium after a water change usually entails you standing or sitting there with your eyes glaring at the fill hose, if you are not already holding it. The one time you look away, the fill hose will inevitably slip out of your tank, and start filling your floors with water. The Python…


    Filter Socks are used on overflows to remove small floating particles from aquarium water. This can dramatically improve water quality and reduce maintenance on filters that would otherwise become clogged. Mesh Filter Sock are less effective than felt but clog less frequently. Plastic ring fits…

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    Reef Mineral Salt is a concentrated mixture of minerals needed for coral growth and elemental balance for the reef aquarium. Two Sizes Available: 800 g 5000 g

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    Compatible for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1 inch. Flipper magnet cleaners allow you to fully clean your aquariums glass with just a single tool.  The flippers ability to flip from the side with a scraper attachment for stuck on coralline, to the scrubber side with a soft pad for final cleaning…


    Insurance against leaks and drips from RODI system, and many other household applications! The Latching solenoid automatically shuts off the flow of water and also makes a loud beeping noise when the sensor detects moisture 3/8" FNPT (ID) Threads or 1/2" BSP Threads (OD) Can be adapted to…


    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop will help reduce parasitic flatworms on Acropora and SPS corals while strengthening all other types of corals. Works by making Acropora tissue unpalatable to acro-eating flatworms Reef-safe and will not harm any other vertebrate or…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Water changes are probably the number one secret to success in the hobby, and by having equipment that makes water changes easier is the key to doing the water changes your tank needs. Now when doing water changes there is no need for buckets, siphons, or mess with the…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? By keeping the polishing pad on magnet cleaners clean can reduce the risk of scratches while increasing their effectiveness.  We recommend changing out cleaning pads on magnet cleaners once every 6 months or as needed. Replacement Pads for use with glass tanks. Each kit…

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    …that makes Tunze pumps so easy with which to work. Primarily used to hide Tunze Stream powerheads but can be used to position a pump on the bottom of a tank. Made of white ceramic stone and suitable for fresh or salt water applications. Works with all Tunze Stream 6065, 6085, 6125 powerheads.


    Extended Gravel tubes for the Python No Spill Clean and Fill water changing system. If you need to replace your worn out, or simply just want to upgrade your water change system, we carry a variety of extended sizes. Extended Gravel Tube Diameter - 2" (all models)

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    The IceCap Battery backup system is compatible for most 12-24 volt DC powered pumps.  Most notably the MaxSpect Gyre 130 and Gyre 150 pumps Power outages will happen every now and then, and unless your system has a generator as a backup, the next best thing is a battery backup for your powerheads. …


    Titanium heating tubes are virtually unbreakable, and corrosion resistant allowing the use in salt or freshwater aquariums. The titanium housing will resist damage a traditional heater would normally encounter while also providing another level of protection with the use of a plastic guard which…

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    Felt Filter Socks for Red Sea Reefer and MAX series of tanks. Red Sea Felt Filter Socks are great for trapping detritus and free floating particles in your tank. Filter socks are washable for continued use and will help give your tanks water that crystal clear look. 225 Micron Felt Filter Sock 4.5"…


    Catch the small floating particles in this extended life 300 Micron filter sock from Skimz. 4" Plastic Ring Fits most sump holders Fits on Skimz Filter Bag Holder Dimensions: 4" x 14" (100mm x 355mm)


    Use hw Odinex for the removal of Oodinium from your reef tank. Oodinium is a type of parastic dinoflagellate that is known to cause "velvet disease" in fish. At the first sign of illness remove the fish to a hospital tank and treat with 2 mL per 20 liters of water on the first day. On the second and…

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    Keep your hands dry as you maintain your tank and rearrange your plants with Plant Tongs from Eheim. Spring-action with trimmer Use for general maintenance Great for moving and placing corals Use for feeding bottom dwelling fish Available in 400mm (16") or 600mm (24")

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