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    PE Mysis is easily the most popular frozen food, and now they are producing PE Mysis in a flake form that is perfect for saltwater fish of all sizes. Flakes come in big chunks that you can break down to an appropriate size for your particular fish. Two Sizes Available: 30g 50g   Note: Due to customs…

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    AF Life Source is engineered to buffer and enhance microbiological activity in saltwater aquariums Two Sizes Available: 500 grams 1000 grams

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    …Available: 1mm (2oz) - Perfect for pico and nano sized fish with small mouths 2mm (4oz) - The most common size used for all types of marine fish 3mm (8oz) - Ideal for bigger fish that prefer larger chunks of food   Note: Due to customs restrictions we are unable to ship any type of food to Canada

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    …Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or any other US Territories at this time. Why does BRS recommend this? PE Mysis has proven to be one of the best foods for saltwater fish. The mysis are sustainably harvested at night, processed and then flash-frozen within hours of being caught. The mysis are packaged whole…

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    …higher levels of astaxanthin, which your fish can use to improve their coloration. Hikari has added essential vitamins to help support the immune system of your fish, at the same time their processing procedure removes salt which greatly helps your saltwater fish complete their osmotic process when…

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    …other US Territories at this time. Almost all saltwater and freshwater fish will have a natural instinct to eat brine shrimp. Their small size makes it easy to consume and a great way to introduce new or finicky fish into eating frozen foods. Hikari gut-loads their brine shrimp with bio-encapsulated…

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    …has a large suction cup that securely holds seaweed products. Attaches to your tank easily and holds securely to the aquarium glass. Since it floats, it can be easily retrieved if dropped. No metal parts, so you don't need to worry about potential rust. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater tanks.


    …keep the seaweed from floating away and allow the fish the naturally graze throughout the day. With powerful magnets you can easily move the feeder around the tank, and not worry about a suction cup or string coming loose. For Fresh and Saltwater Fish (Herbivores and Carnivores) Can hold up to 10…

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    …and small fish food. Their bright orange coloration stems from the high levels of astaxanthin along with other carotenoid pigments. Using the same flash-freezing process as the famous PE Mysis all the nutrition is bio-encapsulated within the zooplankton making it a great food for fresh and saltwater

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